Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Without Passion Love is Nothing

Okay, so some of us are not comfortable talking about sex. Or maybe we are when it comes to ourselves but not our parents or seniors. But guess what? It is still a part of life and for some, seniors’ sex is still very much a part of their lives.

Is senior sex a good thing or a bad thing?

Any kind of connection or socializing is typically a good thing for seniors. Especially if they are suffering in any kind of way. Being with others even innocent affection like holding hands can make them feel good.

Some would suggest that seniors’ sex in a long term home is not appropriate but others disagree.

People need people. There is something to be said for intimacy and lessening feelings of loneliness. Love and romance is older than all of us. So is sex. As long as there is consent and it is making seniors feel good, why not?

As hard as it is for us to imagine what our parents or grandparents are doing sometimes I think we would all agree we want them to feel happy and fulfilled. A little love, some romance and seniors’ sex may just be the answer.

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