seniors and sex scaled

Don’t believe everything you’re told. Sex is not just for younger people. Older adults and seniors are enjoying sex more than ever. Sex does decline because of illness and old age but older adults are still sexually active and interested in sexual activity.

Some facts on older adults and sex:

  • Two out of five older people are sexually active. This number drops with age. 25% of those 76 to 80 are still engaged in sexual activity.
  • Half of men are still very interested in sex but the number for women is only 12%. However, older women tend to be more satisfied with their sex lives than older men.
  • Older people rarely discuss their sex lives with their doctors. Many older adults feel that if things aren’t working they way they once did then it’s time to give up sex.
  • 18% of men and 3% of women have used medications or supplements to improve their sexual function. Communication and experimenting can work just as well if not better than taking medications for your sex life.
  • The majority of older adults who are married or have intimate partners remain sexually active well into their 80’s.
  • The major reason those in a relationship no longer have sex is due to ill health. As health worsens, sexual activity decreases.

For many, senior sexuality is a taboo subject. Seniors are often ridiculed by those younger than them if the topic of a sex life comes up. Regular sexual activity is good for you. It increases blood flow and helps you to maintain good physical as well as emotional health. Just like younger adults, older adults who are entering new relationships should practice safe sex. Sexually transmitted infections can be transferred to others at any age. Stay safe, keep interested and enjoy a healthy sex life as you age!