SLM Safety First Technology scaled
SLM Safety First Technology scaled

As we go through life and look at the different generations, it is interesting to see how technology has evolved. Especially when it comes to safety. Safety is important to both seniors and their families. For many, it is a top priority no matter where a senior lives. Technology to help seniors is always available.

What kind of technology to help seniors is available?

There is your typical technology that most of us use, i.e. access to smartphones, tablets, computers etc. to keep seniors involved with others and feeling less lonely. Technology can be used to teach, learn, interact and have fun, any age.

Homes today are being built better equipped with more technology including security systems, intercoms, all with remote access. So feeling that way about a senior living facility would be great.

There is technology in assisted living or long term care homes that can truly help a senior and their families feel that safety is a priority. This technology varies from one home to the next but the best technology allows the senior to maintain some independence and privacy while providing safety and peace of mind.

In room audio technology can serve both purposes. It is certainly something worth considering when looking at various assisted living homes. Being able to communicate within seconds to staff and caregivers, provides an initial sense of relief. It can lessen anxiety for residents. Sometimes (like a phone call) just knowing someone will answer a call, makes things seem better.

This technology can help make things more efficient. It can allow staff to assess how quickly someone needs to go to the room. It can allow them to focus on emergency situations and still help someone else verbally. It can also help them keep residents informed as to when someone can come to the room.

There are many reasons why technology to help seniors is important.

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