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We know we should exercise. We know it helps our heart, helps with our moods, keeps us flexible and help us to maintain our strength. But is it fun? Most seniors will tell you that they have to make a habit of exercising, otherwise it would never happen. They join gyms, sign up for classes at their senior centers or exercise along with videos on the internet. But they still don’t really enjoy it. How about dancing? Women especially love to dance. Alone or with someone else or in a crowd, it doesn’t matter, it’s fun.

Does dancing provide extra benefits beyond what we would receive from regular exercise?

  • Since we usually dance with others, dancing provides an opportunity to get together socially and help seniors avoid isolation.
  • Music and rhythm are known to help our immune systems. Combine that with dance steps and you have a full body workout.
  • Ballroom dancing in particular involves learning new and sometimes complicated steps. Even if it takes awhile to learn the dances, it works your mind and keeps your brain healthy.
  • Depending on what types of dances you do, your legs will get a workout. This also helps with balance and agility. At the same time, almost any type of dancing can help to keep your body flexible.
  • Regular dancing will improve your cardiovascular health. It lowers bad cholesterol levels and has been shown to improve the quality of life for those with Parkinson’s disease. Dancing may help to protect against disabilities, especially mobility problems that are associated with many conditions.







It has been proven that dancing can help you age well. The combination of movement, time spent with others and rhythmic music is good for your health. Besides making you feel good about yourself, it’s fun! Click here to read about a study showing that dancing was better than exercise for seniors.