Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. Let’s talk New Years…when you hear New Year’s Resolution, what comes to mind? Common ones are:

All of these are awesome and if you have considered any of them, don’t let this article change your mind! Each and everyone one of them will help you feel better.  But we would love everyone to donate some of their time this year.

There are so many needs in our world:

  • children in foster care
  • sick children in hospitals
  • adults sick in hospitals
  • seniors that live alone and have no one around
  • seniors living in long term care facilities
  • animals in shelters
  • homeless people
  • those in mental health facilities

So if you can find some time this year to volunteer, what a wonderful feeling that could be. It’s okay to have more then one New Year’s Resolution. And I don’t believe that they need to be made on the 1st of the year…then can happen anytime!

At SLM, our team is ready to participate in not only senior living support and organizations but also donating time to educate people on certain illnesses such as cancer, heart & stroke issues and more.

We will share stories showing our involvement throughout the year and welcome you to do the same. Send us your stories, photos and ideas and we will gladly share them with our ever growing amazing audience. Let’s make a difference this year and brag! Your ideas and insight will inspire others. And it will give you an opportunity to recognize fulfilling a New Year’s Resolution.

Send your stories and photos to We look forward to receiving them!