Neuropathies and the underling causes create challenges and limitations for some individuals.  Often, standing up from a sofa, getting into/out of a bed or walking from one room to another with something in your hand is just not possible without help.  Yes, family members can be called to assist, but even the most loving will soon burn out from all of the calls and disruption to their own activities of daily living.  And, what happens when they are at school, work or running errands? Besides, we most of us prefer to do what we can ourselves….. with a little help.







One recent huge challenge was getting off of the sofa in my office; where I sat frequently to elevate my swelling and aching feet.  When I wanted/needed to get up, I’d have to scoot my weakened body over to one of the edges and use the high arm of the chair to help me pull up to a standing position.  It wasn’t easy and took me a while.  I wished I could just sit up and having both arms close by to push myself up, as I did with chairs.

One day while looking for solutions to my challenges to daily living, I came across the EZ Stand and Go.   The frame slides under the sofa cushion and provides sturdy arms to help you balance and push up into a standing position.  I only wish I had found it sooner.


If you have other tips or products that work share them in a comment.  All options are welcome, since our needs and resources are all different.