Positive Affirmations
Positive Affirmations

Developing a positive attitude is important to achieve success in life. It is one of the most powerful habits one can incorporate into daily life, especially as you age. 

It is a critical ingredient for the well-being and health when a person is on the last leg of his or her life after completing all responsibilities and fulfilling all goals. It transforms life and fills it with passion, energy and joy. 


Mind is a powerful thing that can make it possible to achieve whatever you want. One of the most effective ways to build a positive mindset is positive affirmations. They are positive statements describing some desired outcome. 

What are Positive Affirmations?

Positive Affirmations are as easy to describe as to practice. They are simply positive statements that overcome negative thoughts. 

An affirmation is anything you think or say. Positive affirmations can be easy to practice as they just need to be repeated. 

Positive affirmations can be used to introduce positive changes into life, motivate yourself, enhance self-confidence and boost esteem. 

They can be used to transform negative thinking into positivity to change lives. They are the beginning point for the path to change. 

Those who find themselves getting indulged in negative thinking can use positive affirmations to combat the mind patterns and replace them with something good. Positive affirmations are phrases that help create something new or eliminate something from life. 

During old age, it’s not uncommon to get burdened with negativity, this is often the result of isolation, boredom or failing health. At such times, consciously focussing on positive thoughts and affirmations can instill optimism into a person’s life.

The Power of Positive Affirmations

Business people, athletes and professionals make use of powerful techniques to reach their goals faster. 

Affirmations are usually repeated several times to get the subconscious mind into action. Repetition allows learning new ideas and embedding new thoughts into the mind. 

Most people often repeat negative phrases or sentences about a specific event or situation in life. 

The Law of Attraction generates an undesirable result as a consequence. People don’t say ‘I can do it’. They instead say ‘I have never spoken in public’. 

They may desire becoming a good speaker but keep telling themselves that they can’t speak. They also support the statements with arguments and reasons. This means they are not likely to take the first step towards speaking in front of a group.

This will not be true until they at least start telling themselves that they can do it. When somebody says ‘I can speak in front of a large group’, ‘I have the skills to become a speaker’, etc., it makes the difference. 

The phrases and statements you use to tell yourself make the difference between creating and destroying dreams. Often, we are unaware of what we have chosen to tell our minds and the impact it creates. 

Your subconscious mind grasps what you keep telling yourself. Corresponding to what the mind has accepted, you attract events and situations in life. 

If you keep saying ‘I am not good at this’ attracts situations that support the statement. You might not be selected for speaking at the next presentation. If selected, you may experience anxiety and stress when you start speaking.

Your subconscious mind is really powerful and is responsible greatly for how you behave. You might not be aware of the activity in this mind. It is influenced by the focus and thoughts in your mind and reacts to the guidance it receives. 

Positive affirmations help reprogram the mind by activating the power of your subconscious mind. 

These positive statements transform your inner self and help you alter the way you think and react. They make you more energized and raise your esteem, helping you manifest your dreams. 

How Positive Affirmations Work

Affirmations are repeated multiple times to influence the subconscious mind. They not only motivate our brain to start thinking positively but also inhibit the natural tendency of negative thinking. Positive affirmations are known to create long-lasting shifts in thinking patterns and behaviours.

Positive affirmations give us the power to attract what we desire and to change our lives for better. They not only benefit our bodies but also influence the mind, the spirit and the immune system. They help us enhance our magnetism to success in any endeavour. 

Affirmations work in numerous ways. Just like exercise makes muscles strong, repetition of positive affirmations train the mind to turn positive. 

Affirmative messages reprogram the subconscious mind that manifests impressions. The secret lies in repeating positive outcomes so that they are manifested as real-life experiences. 

Once you start believing that all is good and you are safe, you will see wonders in your life. Designing your own affirmations and using them on a regular basis can help you reach your goals. 

Practice them for a month or longer to see productive results. Consistent use converts affirmations into beliefs. 

Affirmations don’t just help manifest goals but also fill your life with gratitude and positivity. When you practice them on a daily basis, you regain the appreciation for life and stay in a constant state. You become better aware of your thoughts and stay away from negative thinking. 

Using Positive Affirmations to Your Benefit

Repeating the affirmations help your mind focus on your goal which makes appropriate thought. This affirmation influences your mind as it accepts the thought and lets it nurture. This process can be used wisely to transform your habits, attitude and behaviour and see amazing results in your life. 

Though positive affirmations are greatly powerful, it is essential that you use them correctly to benefit. 

If people say affirmation once a day and keep complaining the rest of the time, they won’t work. The negative affirmation wins because it is said with a true feeling.

Repeating affirmations is also a part of the process. What is more important is what you do at other times. To make sure your affirmations work consistently, you should create an atmosphere they can flourish in. 

Positive affirmations are like seeds planted in soil. If the soil is poor, growth will be poor. If you give good soil, you get abundant growth. The more you have thoughts favouring the affirmations, the better they work. 

A study shows that positive people have healthy hearts. As you start offering gratitude, your worries go away and you find peace. 

They also decrease stress and give you resistance to threatening events. It can be a powerful tool to change your state of mind and bring the changes you want in life. 

The beauty of affirmations is that no matter how frail your physical body gets, as long as you have control over your mind, you can stay positive and maintain your sanity.

It Is well documented that most of our suffering takes place in the mind, if you can practice positive affirmations and adopt this mindset, you should be able to navigate anything that life throws at you!