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The Kidney Foundation’s recycling initiatives help clear the clutter in the home, and in the driveway too. For over 25 years Kidney Car has been working with professional automotive recyclers to recycle tens of thousands of cars.







Spring is one of the busiest seasons for both of our recycling programs” said David Cybulski, Kidney Car Senior Program Manager. “For Kidney Car, the spike in donations often occurs because people are returning outdoors after a long winter and finally take the time to deal with the old car taking up precious space in the driveway, and as new car sales begin to heat up, people are looking for a meaningful way to get rid of their used vehicle.”

People can call our toll-free number 1.866.788.CARS to speak with one of our representatives or donate their unwanted vehicles online at . Our recycling partners will tow the vehicle for free within 48 hours and donors will receive a charitable tax receipt for their donation – now a minimum of $300. Newer models, in road worthy condition may qualify for a significantly larger tax receipt.

If your drawers are overflowing and your closets are in chaos, now is the time to rid your home of clutter and help provide hope and support to Canadians living with kidney disease.

Every year, North Americans throw away tonnes of clothing and textiles, clogging landfills with reusable goods. In fact, clothing and textiles represents one of the most common material found in our waste systems. Make the environmentally conscious decision and donate your clothes, textiles and cloth-based items to Kidney Clothes. Donations can be dropped off in one of our handy drop boxes or you can book an appointment to have your donation picked up at the door. Call 1.800.414.3484.

“With warm weather on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to declutter and recycle with Kidney Clothes” said Sylvia Krampelj, Director, Kidney Clothes. “Our team makes clearing the clutter a breeze, and you can feel good that you’ve provided hope and support to your neighbours living with kidney disease.”

The Kidney Foundation of Canada has a long history of promoting the benefits of recycling. After all, organ donation is the ultimate gift of life and recycling effort!

There are many ways to donate in the US as well, click here to learn more.

If you live in the U.K., click here to learn about the donation options there.

* Some geographic restrictions apply.