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bigstock Businessman Holding Concerns M 174065047 scaled

Caregivers and children of elderly seniors should learn to understand the worry and concerns of getting older. Seniors don’t always talk about their worries but they are there in the backs of their minds. For most seniors the worries are similar and as they get older and live longer lives, these worries becomes more intense.

What do seniors worry about the most?

  • The decline of their health. Many older adults see their health deteriorating before they reach the age where they could be called seniors. Seniors, however, many of them with chronic illnesses, worry that their health could worsen to the point where they wouldn’t be able to look after themselves.
  • Loss of independence. Tied in with deteriorating health is the fear or losing independence. Seniors don’t want to become a burden to anyone or have someone taking care of their smallest basic needs. For the oldest seniors it’s embarrassing and at the very least, it is humiliating.
  • Financial concerns. Will they have enough money to survive on as they age? This is a concern of a majority of senior citizens. Even with a small nest egg set aside or a house to sell they are still concerned that their money will run out.
  • Death of a spouse, family member or friend. The older we get, the more people we lose. Watching a parent age and then seeing them losing their spouse and one friend after another is heartbreaking. It shows us what it will be like for us as we get older. With each loss they are reminded of how little time we have and many become isolated as those they know pass away. The grief can often become overwhelming.







Loneliness, money and physical as well as mental health occupy a good part of most senior’s waking moments. Staying connected with others, keeping ourselves healthy and living frugally can help us stay happy as seniors. To read more on common concerns of seniors, click here.