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July 23rd is National Gorgeous Grandma Day. This is the day to make sure your grandmother knows just how gorgeous she is and just how much she means to you! Gorgeous Grandma Day was introduced by Alice Solomon, an author and radio host. She started this special day to remind us to think about our grandmas and how special they are, no matter what their age.

Gorgeous Grandmas differ from one to the next. There is the grandmother with lots of interesting stories from her past. Then there is the Grandma who dresses better than anyone you know. And don’t forget the Grandma who cooks up a storm every week for her whole family. There are no definitions for a Gorgeous Grandma for it means something different to each of us.

How can be celebrate Gorgeous Grandma Day?

  • Take your fashion conscious grandmother shopping. You may learn a thing or two. Find out where she shops, her favorite hairdresser and how she finds the time to look so perfect every day!
  • That Grandma who cooks every week? Find the best restaurant you can and take her out to lunch. Tell her you adore her cooking but it’s time she had a break and this is your way of showing your appreciation.
  • For the grandmother with all of the interesting stories, there is no better place to take her on this day than a bookstore. Find one with a cozy coffee shop attached and sit down to listen to her stories of great authors from her time.

Grandmas come in all shapes and sizes, with various personalities. There is the very un-politically correct grandma, who says whatever she feels like saying. Then there is the grandma who would never think to say anything outrageous. Most grandmothers fall somewhere in between the two and we love them all. Happy National Gorgeous Grandma Day!