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With autumn fast approaching many of us get into clean up mode. The summer months tend to be those when we do less around the house and spend more time outdoors. Items begin to pile up in various rooms and once the warm weather ends we’re looking for a more organized home to enjoy once the weather turns cold. Declutter also means organizing, and deciding what needs to be replaced, as well as what should be recycled into something new. Different areas of your living space need different types of attention.


  • Go through closets for any items that no longer fit, are worn out or just aren’t worn by you at all. Stained or ripped clothing can be recycled and used for cleaning or to make rugs or quilts. Donate items that aren’t worn or no longer fit. Remember that old socks or those without a match are great for dusting! Decide what you’ll need for the upcoming cold months.
  • Many of us change to flannel bedding during the winter. Check that all sheets and duvets are in good condition. Recycle any that aren’t and replace with what you need. Go through your summer bedding and do the same. Old pillows should be replaced.
  • This is a good time for children to look through their toys and donate those that they no longer use or have outgrown. Books can be given to libraries or hospitals.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

  • Cleaning supplies. Many of us have multiple containers of almost empty cleansers. This is the time to organize and dispose of anything that’s been sitting for too long. Old towels can be recycled for other purposes.
  • Go through your fridge and check for any food that is past its “best before” date and dispose of it. While you’re at it, this is a good time to give your refrigerator, stove and oven a good cleaning.
  • Prescription and over the counter medications should be checked for expiry dates. Prescription medication that has not been used can be brought back to the pharmacy. Most pharmacies will also take outdated over the counter medications.

General Declutter







Walk through your home and look for any of the following items that are no longer needed. They can be recycled by finding another use for them or they can be given to someone else.

  • Plastic silverware and condiment packages.
  • Plastic food storage container. Most of us have more of these than we’ll ever use.
  • Newspapers, catalogues and magazines.
  • Coupons which have expire.
  • Old calendars and greeting cards which we won’t use.
  • Anything which is broken and will most likely never be fixed.
  • Old makeup and toiletries. Toothbrushes which won’t be used for another cleaning purpose.
  • Pens that don’t write.
  • Chargers for items which you no longer have.
  • Paint which is no longer needed.

Decluttering can be easy once you make up your mind which items are really important to you. Most of us know what we really want and need around our homes. For another list of things to throw away to help you in your decluttering project, click here.

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