summer safety scaled

Summer is in full swing, temperatures are on the rise and once again it’s time to go over a checklist for summer safety. Many areas are currently breaking temperature records and for seniors this is a concern. Limit your time in the sun during heat waves and stay hydrated. For those with chronic illnesses, it is better to stay in an air conditioned building during the days with the hottest temperatures.

Summer Safety Tips

  • For those without air conditioning look for the nearest cooling center. Many municipalities set up cooling centers during the hot months for the safety of those who have no method of cooling their homes. Otherwise, head for the closest mall or movie theatre. A tepid shower at home can also help you to cool down.
  • When heading outdoors on hotter days, dress in looser clothing. It helps air to circulate. Look for light colors that don’t attract the heat. Bring your water, sunscreen and sunglasses and don’t forget your hat. Early morning hours are best, before the sun is at its peak.
  • Drink fluids throughout the day. Skip the sugary drinks and stick to water and clear juices that are cool, not cold. Sweating can cause your body to lose precious nutrients. Snack on a banana to replace lost potassium. Try watermelon or cucumbers to help provide needed hydration.
  • Skip the flip flops and wear non slip flats or running shoes. Flip flops and many sandals can cause you to trip and fall. They also lack support and since most are open toed, they can leave you vulnerable to foot injuries.
  • Since many seniors take medications, ensure that you are keeping all prescription and over the counter medications in a cool storage area. Heat can cause medications to lose their effectiveness and some will actually melt.







Don’t forget to check on senior loved ones and neighbours during a heat wave. Older adults can quickly become ill due to the heat. Give them a call or stop by to spend some time with them. Those who are isolated or homebound will appreciate it. To read the full article on senior summer safety, click here.