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National Grandparents Day is on September 10th this year. Since the ‘70’s this day has been to honor them and for younger people to recognize the guidance and knowledge that older people have to offer. For many people grandparents were their earliest caregivers. They’ve been someone many children have come to rely upon. They have also passed on stories about previous generations. Many of our grandparents have lived through huge changes in history and have helped to shape the world into what it is today.

How can you celebrate Grandparents Day?

  • If you are able, spend the day with your grandparents. Many cities hold activities. One of these events would give you the opportunity to spend time with them and celebrate together.
  • This is a good day to visit seniors who are in nursing homes. Many of the elderly in these homes have few visitors and would love to spend some time visiting. Don’t just make it a one day thing. Seniors can provide a wealth of knowledge for anyone of any age. Time spent with seniors can lead to new friendships.
  • Work on your family tree. If you haven’t already started, Grandparents Day is a good day to search out information on your ancestors. You may become amazed at what you find out about your family tree.
  • For grandparents, today is the perfect day to sit down with your grandchildren and bring out the old photo albums. Learning about members of the family is especially fun for small children. Make it a tradition with your grandchildren to try to spend this day together every year.







Thought and consideration is what Grandparents Day is all about. Let your grandparents know that they are appreciated and that you find them interesting. For more ideas on activities for Grandparents Day, click here.