Taking a senior loved one or a senior friend out for a meal is a very special time for you both.  To make the most out of the experience for you both, there are things you might consider before you go.







The first one is timing. What time of the day works best for them – morning , afternoon or evening? Many people have difficulty getting “mobile” in the morning as they age, especially in the winter when it stays dark so long. Some people have medications to take on an empty stomach while others take their pills with food and it’s part of their necessary routine. I know many people who are at their prime at lunch time while some would prefer an afternoon nap then dinner at a favourite restaurant.

I learned from our son, Mike, that noise level is a major consideration when he is choosing a restaurant for his dad because of severe hearing loss. If it’s too noisy his dad really isn’t part of the conversations.

Many adults have dietary concerns so choose a place that would cater to their needs be it gluten free, no nuts, eggs or dairy… As long as they have a few choices of what they easily tolerate, that’s all that’s necessary. We’ve even been given special permission to bring a product that meets dietary needs and discreetly it was served. I recently had a major gall bladder attack and so I’m much more cautious about what I am eating.  Often a restaurant can broil or steam an item that is listed as fried on the menu. On the other hand some people look forward to a decadent dessert so if that’s a priority, choose accordingly.

Another consideration is accessibility. Some people can handle stairs while others can’t. Some need accessibility for a walker. Does your choice meet a needed criteria? (Avoid eateries with downstairs bathrooms!) If you’ve never been to the place for a meal before you can call ahead and ask about accessibility.

Lighting and ambiance can also be important to some people. As a woman I appreciate fresh flowers or a candle on the table. I also love sitting by a window looking out at water.

Remember to make a reservation. Standing in line is usually a “no, no.”

I fondly remember being invited by a manager to the very exclusive Parliamentary  restaurant. There was a line of people waiting for tables but we were escorted directly to the front of the line and were immediately informed that our table was waiting and that filet mignon had been specifically ordered for us. I felt “pampered.” All these years later it is still a very special memory.

Your senior will enjoy being “pampered.”

We hope you have a very lovely time out together.