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Winter looks like it may arrive early this year. In many areas snow has already fallen and the wind is keeping the temperatures low and the residents bundled up. Cold weather means taking even better care of yourself than usual. Cold and flu viruses abound and it’s easy to become ill when you’re around a crowd. Be prepared this winter season!

To stay healthy:

  • Stock up on nutritious vegetables and fruits. You will need the extra vitamins at this time of year. Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons will give you an extra boost of vitamin C. They also contain lots of fibre. Garlic and onions are known to help prevent colds and they can make the duration of your cold shorter if you eat both while you are ill. This is a good time of  year for nourishing soups and stews with plenty of vegetables. Add a daily vitamin supplement, one with extra vitamin D. During the winter you get less of this sunshine vitamin.
  • Use humidifiers and vaporizers. Heating our homes dries out the air which in turn dries out our skin, especially our nasal passages. This makes it easier to pick up infections and viruses. It also makes us more miserable if we are already sick. A long bath may sound like a good idea but hot water will also dry out your skin. After every shower and bath slather on moisturizer to keep your skin from becoming dry. Add a desktop humidifier at work. Offices are especially prone to dry air.
  • Stay active. Though this is the season to gather around the fire and maybe watch a movie, exercise will keep us in better shape. It also helps keep away those nasty flu and cold germs. Go for a short walk if weather permits. Exercise to a video online or do stair walking in your home.







Enjoy the cold weather. Curl up with a good book on nasty days but make sure that you’re also taking good care of your health. To read more health tips for the winter season, click here.