Easy Entertain
Easy Entertain

Loneliness is a major problem for seniors so it’s important to have some regular activities and entertaining in your new home, condo, room or suite in a retirement residence is a great way to combat that.








What could this entail for you?

Do you love serving gourmet meals? Choose an alternative that accommodates your passion and brings the things that will enable you to do this.

A couple we worked with liked to have twenty to thirty people for dinner several times a year. I asked if she planned to do the cooking and her quick reply was they would use a caterer who would even bring the dishes and glassware. She was able to give away her large platters, crock pots and things that would take up a lot of room in their limited space.

A “Super Market” meal is an easy but fun way to entertain. There are times I’ve picked up a couple of cooked chickens and salads and quickly and efficiently served supper.

A friend often ordered Chinese food and served it in her own serving dishes. Other people order pizza to serve to family or grandchildren. Will you use disposable plates or will you use your own dishes?

Tea, coffee and dessert are an easy way to entertain.  In retirement residences I often suggest clients bring a small tray and mugs or cups and saucers. I ask one of the children to go to the dining area and bring refreshments to the senior’s new “home.”

I asked a lady in her 90s if she planned to entertain in her suite and she had planned to have friends come to play bridge. I asked her if she would serve tea and coffee and her quick reply was “I will serve gin and tonic!” She then chose the glasses etc she needed to bring.

Retirement residences often have a family dining room which can be booked ahead. When Doug and I had our fiftieth anniversary we booked an activity room in a new retirement residence for the event. We brought our own refreshments, and decorations. It worked very well for us!

When you move there are changes but consider entertaining in your new “home” as a way to meet new friends and bring your family together.

We help seniors look forward to moving to their new home. If you’re struggling with the idea of downsizing or moving, it might be a good time to give us a call.