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Relationships, especially close ones, are important at any age. Later in life becoming part of a loving couple can be even more important. It can make us happy and improve our well-being. But finding love later in life can be difficult. Many of us expect an intimate relationship to be much the same as it was when we were younger but senior relationships differ. Many seniors are entering into a new relationship after the death of a partner. Some have been alone for many years. Seniors need to learn new ways of becoming close with others. They also need to find new ways to meet people.

Where can we find love after 65?

  • Look for local events in your community for seniors. Seniors centers are well known for holding dances and other get-togethers where you can be introduced to new people and have fun at the same time.
  • Online dating has become very popular and not only with younger adults. Some websites are set up specifically for seniors looking to find each other. Write up an honest profile and know ahead of time what you are looking for. Don’t use an outdated picture and be careful when meeting someone for the first time. Meet in a public place and inform others of where you will be.
  • Ask friends for introductions. Your friends know you well and just maybe they’ll have a friend or acquaintance or know of someone that would be perfect for you. Give it a chance. Even if it doesn’t turn into a loving relationship, you may make a good friend for life.
  • Courses and clubs. What better place to look for someone than somewhere that shows you already have a mutual interest. Take courses at your local college that interest you or join clubs that revolve around your hobbies.







Many seniors worry about how to act around potential dates or when they are on a date. Put your teenage years behind you and just be yourself. You have all the experience and knowledge from years of living. Look for someone who complements you and wants the best for you. Dating in your senior years can be much better than dating when you were younger. Give it a try. You’ll meet new people and have some fun! To read more on finding love in your golden years, click here.