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The first World Friendship Day was July 30th in 1958. It was a day for celebrating friendships of all types. The International Day of Friendship followed after a proposal by UNESCO. It is based on building bonds with one another in order to create trust. To achieve stability in the world, we need to develop social harmony among all of the world’s peoples. Emphasizing a culture of peace and non-violence, there have been 8 areas set aside for nations. Each of us need to adopt these in order to promote peace.

These 8 areas are to:

  • Promote peace and security internationally
  • Promote social development and also an economy which is sustainable
  • Ensure equality between men and women
  • Help grow a culture of peace through education
  • Promote respect for all human rights
  • Advance tolerance, understanding and solidarity
  • Support the free flow of information and knowledge
  • Foster democratic participation

The International Day of Friendship is also based on promoting the importance of friendship in the lives of humans. Friendship can bring about peace between nations, cultures and also individuals.

How can you help to celebrate the International Day of Friendship?

  • Apologize to a friend or family member you’ve had a falling out with. Try to repair the relationship.
  • Volunteer for an organization that helps to promote world peace.
  • Spend a day helping out at your local food bank or soup kitchen. It will help you to understand those who have less than you do. Volunteering will also show you the hardships they face.
  • Read about foreign cultures and countries. Many of us are unaware of the difficulties facing many people in the rest of the world. Knowledge helps to bring understanding.

Look for local events and activities in your city on this day. To learn more about the International Day of Friendship, click here.