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Turning 70 is always a big milestone in one’s life.  It’s when one really does an evaluation of sorts into the passing of time.  This was certainly the case for me.  It was just after my 70th Birthday that I seriously entertained putting together a book for Seniors like myself.  This would be a 70th Birthday present to myself and one I hoped would be a blessing to others of my age. To my great delight, it finally arrived one month shy of my 71st Birthday.

I had always enjoyed writing as a young girl and am happy that retirement gave me the time to pursue this.  It was such a joy to hold “Late Blooms” at last and to be able to share it with friends and relatives.  It’s an inspirational book for Senior Citizens and derives its name from my blog.  

Many years ago, I had been fascinated with my brother’s blog and decided I wanted to become a blogger too.  I started out by taking photos, making a collage and adding my own thoughts and quotes.  My brother asked me what I wanted my blog to be called and I said “Late Blooms.”  This was because all this was new to me and happening later in my life.  It’s fascinating to me to see how many people from all over the world read my posts.  This is what encourages me to keep writing.

The book “Late Blooms” is chock-full of blog posts, photos I took, Art projects I did, quotes, and some poetry.  I had noticed readers of my blog going back time and time again to read certain posts about aging and life.  They also enjoyed certain quotes and poems.  I decided to put a whole section of quotes at the back of the book.  Lots of the quotes will be familiar to you and that you will love.

As we age, we can still engage in meaningful activities and pastimes that enrich our own lives and those around us.  It’s my hope that my book “Late Blooms” will inspire others to share their own stories, reflections, and projects with others.  You can get a copy of “Late Blooms” at or on 

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Many people have bought a copy for themselves and a copy for someone else as a gift.  It’s been a good feeling to see people wanting to share “Late Blooms” with another Senior.  The wonderful lady who taught me to do photo collaging wrote an endorsement for Late Blooms and this is what she had to say.

Irene Gautreau-Koncius, Teacher, Mentor, Friend

A book about gracefully aging, embracing our “later years”? Jean has made me look at my own life. The fact that I have now reached that “senior” stage of life. She uplifts me as she shares her growth and how magnificently she embraces each day, for, each day is a new day to grow and even to learn. Age does not take away our ability to learn. It does not take away our ability to put our arms around the world and hold it tight. It does not stop us from sharing and most of all loving. I embrace this wonderful book and learn, from you, to appreciate me, as I am, and to look forward to my next many years. I am grateful for you Jean.   

Please share about my book with all your friends, relatives and neighbours who might be needing a little bit of inspiration at this time.  Take good care of yourself during this Coronavirus time.