Safe Travel for Seniors

There are special accommodations you can request for seniors that will make the traveling process easier and safer and allow them to enjoy their trip.

Your 50s and your 60s are the years for rest and relaxation. Traveling and vacationing are the best ways to spend those years, and seniors should be able to have a great time doing these activities without any trouble. To give them and yourself peace of mind, you can find new ways to make travel safer and easier for seniors. 

Reserve Senior Accommodations

Most travel companies have deals in place for special class passengers. When booking a plane ticket or hotel, ask whether they offer special accommodations for seniors. These individuals need to have optimal comfort when traveling, so it’s best to get them a seat with extra leg room. 

You also need to notify the airlines if they need to take extra care and look out for your senior passenger. Find a hotel that also provides special accommodations and notify the designated guests of these services. 

Book Traveling Services 

Once they make it to their destination, the senior travelers will need to account for getting around during their visit. Instead of booking Ubers or taxis, investigate contactless car services. These services are a safe way to travel, and you can book them at the same time you schedule a flight and reserve a hotel room. 

If you’re not sure which services to trust, ask your hotel if they have any recommendations. Based on their suggestions, you may choose to stick with one driver and car for the entire trip and take them wherever you need to go. Make sure you provide the driver with the itinerary ahead of time to plan accordingly. 

Get a Clean Bill of Health 

Your senior loved ones may be in good health, but they aren’t spring chickens anymore. It’s important for seniors to check in with their doctors before preparing to travel. Getting a clean bill of health will set everyone at ease and make the trip more enjoyable. 

Schedule an appointment with their healthcare provider one month before the trip and another one a week before the trip. This gives them time to see if there are any new developments before leaving. Make sure to schedule a follow-up appointment when they return too. 

Update Medications 

The week before the appointment with their medical provider, make sure your loved one gets a renewal on any necessary prescriptions so that they can travel with full backup. Even if some of their prescriptions are still relatively full, they should get a renewal anyway. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Pack the prescriptions in their carry-on, not their checked luggage. You never know if a problem will arise while traveling, and you want them to be as prepared as possible. 

Traveling and taking trips as a senior is an easy way for your loved ones to spend their time. Everyone just needs to ensure they are doing it safely.