Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Talking to Your Senior Parent scaled
Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Talking to Your Senior Parent scaled

When we were teenagers many of us found it difficult to talk to our parents.  Even though typically they just wanted to help us with our life decisions, help us grow into great adults and make great decisions. We weren’t thinking about how that wouldn’t change with senior parents.

Fast forward, now we are seniors or well on our way and we need to talk to our senior parents about their life choices. Hmmm….dejavu? We still don’t always feel comfortable. But why is that? We are adults and so are they. We should be able to sit down and talk rationally, bring great value and healing to any conversation.

Why talk to senior parents?

You need to understand how they are feeling about life as they age.

They need to know that you are there for them no matter what.

They need to know how you are feeling.

Like they did when you were a child, they need to know that you want what is best for them.

You want open and honest communication always. The truth is always the best thing to develop a plan around.

Talking to your senior parent can help open the communication on so many issues maybe even resolve some old ones. It’s worth a shot. They love you and you love them.

GreatCall shares some great tips on having effective conversations with our senior parents.