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We have helped over 3000 people with the downsizing process and have often found that older seniors don’t know what to keep.

We start by asking them what is important to them and how do they want to live in their new “Home”.  It doesn’t matter if it is a bungalow, condo, retirement residence or a room in a long term care facility bringing the items that will fit and make it home is a wise thing to do.

In most cases large bedroom sets and large dining room sets won’t fit. For the bedroom, many people bring their bed and night tables but don’t bring the long ladies dresser. Some people have shelving units in their cupboards which helps. If they want a television in the bedroom they often have it installed on a wall. Several clients have kept the base of a china cabinet and used it to provide the storage they need. Some people put a t.v or picture over it and some people use it as a divider. This week a couple used theirs to divide the kitchen and living area and it worked well.

Some thoughts:

If you like reading bring a comfortable chair, a good light and a book shelf.

If grandchildren will be visiting bring a few toys, or games or books.

If gardening is important bring some pots, a watering can, fertilizer.

If television watching is desirable bring a comfortable chair or two. Many seniors are upgrading their televisions to save space.

Many seniors are upgrading their computers to laptops or i-Pads to save space.

If entertaining is important think of how you want to entertain. Bring the furniture, cooking utensils and dishes that will enable you to do this. We moved a lady to long term care and she loved entertaining. With permission we brought a small fridge, wine glasses, wine, cheese, crackers, plates…

If family or friends will be sleeping over you will need a bed, hide-a-bed, futon, blow up bed  or Murphy bed and the bedding needed.

Some people have souvenirs  from trips or items they have collected that are important to them. We moved a couple from an elegant residence to a retirement residence. She lamented giving up her antique pewter collection. We ended up having a plate rail installed  and brought the collection.

If crafts, quilting, wood carving, painting, etc are important plan a space for them and bring them.

Remember that you should be moving to a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE and it is important to bring the things that are important to you.