Outdoor Activities for Seniors

Not everybody dreams of retiring and sitting on a beach all day. Some people envision their retirement to be more physical and have a need to be moving around and having adventures. Although it’s natural to want to rest after decades of working very hard, the thought of sitting around for years is not appealing to the more adventurous retiree. 

Those people are looking forward to traveling and staying active. Luckily for them, there are a lot of great vacation destinations that offer some interesting activities that active seniors will love. In this article, we will go over some ideas that you should consider when planning your next trip. 

1 – Sailing

One of the best ways to see a new place is from the water. It gives you a unique perspective that you can’t get on land. It is also one of the most peaceful ways to travel. There are many ways to take in a sailing adventure when you are traveling. 

You can often rent a boat if you are capable of sailing yourself and have the freedom to go where you want. If you aren’t much of a sailor or just want to relax and let somebody else be the captain then you can hire a fully crewed yacht from companies like 12knots. In this situation, you have a crew that not only will get you out on the water but you also get meals and can sleep on the yacht. 

This is like a bed and breakfast on the seas and is a very unique way to spend a vacation. 

2 – Hiking

Hiking is one of the best ways to get out into nature and enjoy the peace and fresh air. It is a slow and leisurely way to stay active for people of just about any physical fitness level. 

There are destinations that have a lot of different hiking possibilities so if you are a beginner or have some limitations then you can find some easy routes that are safe and leisurely. If you have more stamina and experience then look into more complex routes. There are destinations that have some hills and mountains that offer fantastic scenery and interesting landscapes. 

3 – Bikepacking

Seeing the sites and taking in some natural and urban settings is best done slowly. Instead of sitting in a tour bus, you should get on the saddle of a bicycle and feel the wind on your face and be able to actually see what is around you. 

Riding a bicycle is a low-impact activity that is ideal for many seniors since it is easy on your joints. Bikepacking is a new way to experience travel as it gives you an intimate view of the places you visit.

The best part is that you can pack the bike with everything that you need to camp so you can ride from one camping spot to another. If you buy an electric bike then it will assist you when you start getting tired or feel weighed down by gear.