People work hard all their lives so they can get to that point where they can sit back, look at all they’ve done, and say, “I’m finished, and I’m proud of what I’ve done.” All people look forward to retirement. They look forward to having financial security and the freedom to do as they please. After retiring, people no longer have to wake up early if they don’t want to do so; they don’t have to spend all day away from their families in an office building, a hospital, or a school. Retirement is great. However, one of the downsides to retirement is that people often find they don’t have enough things to do to fill up their time. There is still the daily upkeep of themselves and their homes, and there are plenty of great things to watch and books to read. Vacations are always nice, as well, but one of the best things people can do to fill up their newly gotten free time is to immerse themselves in hobbies.Why Choose This Particular Hobby?

It Keeps People Active







Woodworking is a great hobby for senior citizens for many reasons. First of all, it keeps them active and out of the house. They spend more time out doing physical activity and less time sitting in the recliner, eating snacks, and watching TV. Being active is important for everyone, but it is especially important for older people because once they stop being active, their bodies lose muscle mass and strength faster than they did when they were younger.

It Allows Them To Spend Time With Friends And Family

Secondly, it can be a social activity that keeps retirees in touch with other people. There are certainly building activities that can be done by one person alone, but larger projects, such as tool sheds and chicken coops, are optimal for two or even three people working together. This allows a group of people to get together and talk and have fun while working on something productive.

It Keeps Their Minds Active And Occupied

Furthermore, this hobby is one that can help keep the brains of aging individuals sharp and help prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Losing one’s mental faculties is one of the most terrifying things imaginable to most people, and they tend to do whatever they can to try to stave off that fate. Many people play video games; others work puzzles or word searches.

Woodworking is similar to working a very large puzzle. People must figure out how things fit together properly in order to construct something stable and sturdy. This takes thought and preparation. They must measure things correctly, sand them, cut them precisely, and do everything possible to ensure that their projects turn out correctly. This takes a lot of work physically, of course, but also mentally, which helps keep them sound of mind and body.

Because of all these things, it is evident that this pastime is a great one for older people to have, but how do they go about getting started? What kinds of things can they actually build? Well, in fact, there are several different types of things they can build. Some of them are listed below.

Chicken Coops For People Who Want To Raise Chickens

Dave Malcolm has free step-by-step plans for building chicken coops. A person might wonder, “Why chicken coops?” Raising chickens is another great activity for aging individuals, especially those who spent all or even some of their working lives farming. Chickens are relatively easy-to-maintain farm animals that don’t require a lot of work. As long as they have a place to sleep and some fresh food and water available to them, they are pretty much good to go. Plus, they are a great source of farm-fresh, cruelty-free, organic eggs.

Chicken coops can be built in many different sizes and shapes to accommodate any size of available land and/or a number of chickens. A quick online search can turn up plans for all different sorts of chicken coops, including chicken runs, walk-in chicken coops, A-frame chicken coops, chicken houses, and even a chicken coop that is shaped like a tractor! Like the above-mentioned plans, the plans for chicken coops are step-by-step and incredibly easy to follow. Any person, no matter his or her age, should have no trouble working on these projects.

Sheds Make Great Large Projects

Building a shed is quite an undertaking, but with some determination and hard work, it can be accomplished without any outside help from professionals. Anyone can go online and easily find plans for easy-to-build sheds. Once again Dave created a great set of freely available shed plans to use. You can find all types of sheds from small garden tool storage sheds to full size 16′ by 24′ multi-purpose sheds.

Each plan has an introduction section which includes a guide to every single thing a person will need to make the shed. Then, after laying out the necessary tools and parts, it gives step-by-step instructions on how to build the shed, including how to cut the lumber, where to join the pieces together, and how to insulate the roofs. It is so cut-and-dry that even someone who has never built a single thing before could follow the guide and build a beautiful shed.

Benches And Other Garden Furniture Make Great Gifts

For people who are looking to create things with their hands but don’t necessarily want to build an entirely new building in their yard, there are smaller projects that can be just as rewarding. Building benches, tables, and other outdoor backyard and garden furniture can be a great place for someone who is new to the hobby to start.

Detailed, step-by-step plans can easily be found online for these types of projects, as well. Websites such as WikiHow are free resources that are easy to access and give great instructions. Handmade, wooden furniture makes a great gift for loved ones, and if the person creating the furniture enjoys it enough, he or she can even have a nice little side business selling custom-made pieces.

Making Toys To Make Memories

For those people who truly want to start small, they can begin by making small toys and trinkets. This is an especially good idea for older people who have grandchildren and great grandchildren. Children love toys, and they love to tinker. Making small wooden toys is a special activity that seniors can do with their young family members to create memories that last lifetimes. Pinterest is a great site for looking up patterns to make small toys.

So, whether you are a senior citizen yourself or you have an aging family member, woodworking is definitely a hobby that you should consider or consider sharing with your relative. It has numerous benefits to the health of the mind and the body, and the end result looks amazing. Furthermore, with simple, step-by-step instructions easily found online, this truly is a hobby that anyone can learn to do.