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bigstock National Family Caregivers Mon 223567672 scaled

Family caregivers; those family members who put so much time and energy into caregiving for their loved ones. Family caregivers are rarely celebrated or appreciated as they should be and because of this, November is National Family Caregiver’s Month. Here are a few statistics on family caregivers:

  • Typically a 49 year old female who is caring for an older member of the family though the ages for caregivers are quite often upwards of 49 as our population lives longer. 25% are between the ages of 18 and 34.
  • The average family caregiver spends approximately 25 hours a week on fulfilling family caregiving duties. About a quarter of them spend more than 40 hours a week on tasks.

What can  you do to observe and celebrate family caregiver’s month?

Give your caregiver a special day out. They deserve it. Have other family members available to take over for a day or hire caregivers so your family member gets a break. Plan relaxing activities for them for the day. Maybe a spa day or a massage, a manicure or a day at the hair stylist which they never have time for.







Bring in meals or have them catered for a day. Speak with a dietician about what meals would be best for the family member who is receiving care. Have their meals delivered for the day along with special meals for the caregiver herself so she can take a day off from meal preparation. Don’t forget snacks and dessert for just this one day!

Offer your time. Give the caregiver some time off so they can take care of much needed appointments and just to relax. Include a gift certificate for a yoga lesson or some other relaxing activity that they would enjoy.

Caregivers give so much of themselves and are usually forgotten. Remember that in order to care for others they must take care of themselves. To read more on National Family Caregiver’s Month, click here.