Wrongful Dismissal

Being wrongfully fired is never a pleasant experience, however, there are ways you can move on from the injustice and continue to live a successful, fulfilling life. If you’ve been wrongfully fired and want to try to look forward, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of ways to help bolster your confidence so that you can get on your feet and progress into your new future. Check out our ideas below. 

Speak To A Lawyer

If you know that you’ve been fired unfairly, then you are justified in taking action. However, wrongful dismissal can be difficult to prove so you are best speaking to a professional lawyer about your individual case so that you can find out your rights. Click here to find great employment attorneys in your area who will be able to advise you on your specific case and help you move forward with any legal action.

Keep Calm

While you’re likely angry and disappointed about the termination of your employment, keeping calm is vital. Getting angry with your former employers and/or colleagues will not get you your job back, and it could very well hinder any legal case you may choose to bring forward. Also avoid any protestations or mud-slinging on social media, as it could negatively affect any future employment. New employers typically check candidates’ social media and you’re a less appealing hire if you’re caught ranting about old jobs and bosses.

Move Into Acceptance

While wrongful dismissal is a tough pill to swallow, acceptance will allow you to move forward without a negative attitude. The old adage is true; every happens for a reason, so understand that your old job was not meant to serve you further and view it as a chance for a fresh start. Change is often feared, however, it can bring about new opportunities that may work even better for you in the long run!

Start Searching For A New Job

Looking for a new job can feel overwhelming but it’s vital to start looking as soon as possible. If you leave it too long, you may build a mental block and find it harder and harder to sort your resume and start applying if you’ve spent a few weeks getting inside your head. It’s important to remember that wrongful dismissal is not your fault, and though it may have knocked your confidence, you’re capable and worthy of a new career.

Indulge In Self-Care

While self-pity won’t help with your job search, self-care and looking after your mental well-being will. Take the time to invest in yourself, whether that be by taking a long bath, spending time with family and friends, gym, or leveling up your skills with some career-boosting classes, making sure you’re taking care of yourself will only enable you to move on faster. Release your negative energy by turning your hand to journaling or working out your frustration at the gym.

Have you been unfairly dismissed? Share your coping techniques in the comments to help others move on.