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Sunsets, beaches, towers, mountains…where would you like to go?

No matter how old we get…most of us LOVE travel. And if for some reason we can’t travel much anymore, we enjoy hearing travel stories and seeing pictures.

Do you have a travel story to tell? Do you know a great place for seniors to travel to?

Where was your best vacation and why? We want to know!

Watch for future articles with travel suggestions for seniors and more!

Since 70 has been hailed the new 50, an increasing number of young-at-heart seniors are embarking on adventurous vacations every year. While some adventures require a healthy dose of physical strength and stamina, others just require some courage and the...
New Orleans is unlike any other place in the United States. An enthralling, exciting destination that thousands flock to every year for the blues, jazz, bars, history and culture.  An electric energy runs through the very soul of this diverse...
Spending your time in the open is one of the best ways to minimize your stress, forget all about your busy life, and leave your packed schedule behind. This is something people all around the world are doing whenever...