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bigstock male stay young scaled

A healthy sex life is good for you. It’s fulfilling and satisfying at any age, though as you get older it will change a bit. For men in particular, lower testosterone levels can change sexual function. They will find they need more stimulation to achieve an erection and orgasms will be shorter than they were at a younger age. Many men feel anxious about sexual changes but it’s normal. As your body changes, you will have to adapt to the differences. Those with chronic health conditions may find this more difficult to achieve. Some surgeries and many medications may interfere with their ability to enjoy their sex life as they once did. Depression and stress can leave men unable to focus and can also decrease their interest in sex.

The tips below can help you to maintain a healthy and satisfying sex life well into your senior years.

  • Talk with your partner. A large part of intimacy is the ability to share feelings and concerns. Though you may find it difficult at first, talking about sex together can help you to become closer to one another.
  • See your doctor or healthcare provider. Speak with them about chronic conditions and medications that may be affecting your ability to have a sexual relationship. There are treatments available for those who have problems maintaining an erection.
  • Change your routine. The same old thing can become boring after awhile. Have sex when you are most alert. For many seniors this is in the morning. Take your time and set the stage instead of rushing. Enjoy a small meal together. Try new sexual positions. Add some romance.







Take care of yourself, mentally and physically. This makes it easier to maintain your sex life. Eat a healthy diet, stay in shape and get lots of sleep. Don’t over indulge in alcohol and remember, there’s no rush. Take it slow. To read more on senior sex tips for older men, click here.