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When we talk about osteoarthritis, there are many misconceptions about it. For instance, osteoarthritis is a part of aging, you cannot prevent it, and it isn’t a serious problem are common misconceptions people have about osteoarthritis. But what is it exactly? What happens to a person that has osteoarthritis? How does one prevent it as a whole? We will be looking at answers to all these questions in this blog.

Osteoarthritis is the disease most often related to the wear and tear of bones, common joints – joints of the hands, knees, hips and spine. When the tissues that hold the bones together start deteriorating, they lead to the cartilage cushioning the ends of the bones deteriorates. Cartilage is the firm yet slippery tissue that facilitates frictionless joint motion. When this cartilage gets worn down, bones start rubbing on each other, leading to osteoarthritis.

Now that we have a clear idea of how an individual develops osteoarthritis, what does one do as osteoarthritis treatments? What are the preventive measures of osteoarthritis, or what are the other osteoarthritis treatments that can help a person be healthy, fit and functional?

Manage Blood Sugar Levels

You reflect what you eat; that stands true to many things. But the same has never stood so steadfast as it does to osteoarthritis. If there is one thing that leads to osteoarthritis on top of many more health issues is blood sugar. If you don’t maintain your blood sugar levels, there are high chances that you might even get diagnosed with diabetes, which can further complicate your well being. 

But if you wish to avoid osteoarthritis treatments, make sure that you make this major lifestyle change and maintain your blood sugar levels. It helps in keeping your joints intact and in a healthy way. It will eventually assist you in keeping the threat of osteoarthritis at bay. To do so, you might have to look at some of the foods and ingredients that you need to avoid.

Keep Your Body Weight in Check

Maintaining your body weight not only helps you lead a healthy lifestyle in general but also assists you in keeping the threat of osteoarthritis at bay. When you keep your body weight in check, the load on your bones reduces and the threat of the disease. Excessive body weight would also lead to your cartilages becoming weak and worn out.

Apart from osteoarthritis, keeping your body weight in check also helps keep a lot of other health concerns away. Being overweight also leads to heart problems—further leading to concerns that complicate your health. So, if you want to avoid the threat or the requirement of having osteoarthritis treatments, make it a point that you change your lifestyle and keep your weight in check.

Indulge in Physical Activities

Following up on the previous point, we’d want to suggest that you indulge in physical activities to keep the threat of osteoarthritis at bay. Like every other lifestyle change mentioned in this article, physical activity also assists in keeping a lot of other health threats away. For instance, your lungs remain healthy, your stamina increases, your skin starts glowing, your hair becomes shinier and your mental health should improve as well

So, if you wish to keep the need for osteoarthritis treatments at bay, it is good to make a lifestyle change and incorporate physical activities such as walking, working out, playing sports, dancing, etc.

Check Your Daily Activities

Osteoarthritis is a disease that comes from the wear and tear of bones. So, to avoid going to a doctor for osteoarthritis treatments, you need to check your daily activities. Take a look at whether you are involved in daily activities that require you to lift heavy weights, bend over for a more extended period, or your body starts aching after an entire day of work; you need to reconsider that. For instance, if your joints start hurting once you are done with work, you need to make a lifestyle change and either ensure that you do less of that work or remove that work from your daily activities completely. Thus, make you feel better in general and keep your bones and muscles more relaxed.

Watch What You Eat!

Consuming foods and liquids rich in Omega 3 has a proven effect on reducing the possibility of you having osteoarthritis. Omega 3 fatty acids are commonly found in fish and other seafood. They can also reduce the chances of inflammation in the body, thus giving you an added benefit for your body than just keeping the threat of needing osteoarthritis treatments at bay. Therefore, it is good to make a lifestyle change and incorporate seafood into your diet!

Concluding Notes

Another factor that helps keep osteoarthritis away is keeping a tab on your body. If your body starts aching, it is a great idea to visit the doctor. Often people tend to keep the possibility of keeping the doctor away because of the expenses and, in recent times, the threat of COVID. While all of that still exists, you also need to ensure that you visit your doctor regularly to get your joints and bones checked. It helps ensure that your bones and joints are safe and you are away from the threat of requiring osteoarthritis treatments.

If you already have osteoarthritis, we would suggest that you visit your doctor at the earliest and get your medicines and perform all the physical exercise they suggest, eventually assisting you in leading a healthy life.