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While it may be uncomfortable, you are going to need a will for when you pass away or if you are ever incapacitated. This is especially true if you have children or possess many assets. One of the kindest actions you can do for your loved ones is to make sure that when you do pass away, they are not left with the chaos of not having a will.

Find a Lawyer Who Cares

Don’t end up with a lawyer who not only cares about their sales closing, but will take the time to thoroughly help you draw up your will until you’re satisfied with it. Do take the time to find an attorney that you trust and who is knowledgeable on the topic. You always want to choose a lawyer that specializes in what you need them to do. Because the law is so broad, someone who is a criminal defense lawyer is not going to know the ins and outs of drawing up your will. Also when you write your own will you risk it being considered invalid because it is not signed, dated, or witnessed correctly.

Don’t Forget About It

Once you finish the process of drawing up your will, you should revisit the will if you experience any major life changes. If you have a sudden windfall of money, that will change the circumstances surrounding your will. Also as you get older, you may have different opinions and you want to make sure those changes are honored in your will.

List Your Trusted Individuals

When it comes to choosing the executor of your will, consider who would best handle doing what you need them to do. Also, consider if you want the responsibilities to be shared among multiple people. Remember you need to also choose a witness for when you sign your will. If your will is ever contested, that person will need to be trustworthy.

Don’t Make Alternatives

Unfortunately, your will is at times a bland legal document and some people want to create a fun or personalized addition to their will. While this may sound interesting, it can cause your will to not be legally binding and therefore nullifies your wishes.

Consider Your Children

Your children are your legacy and you may want to make sure they are taken care of on the occasion something happens to you before they are legal adults. You will need to decide who you would want to take care of and you can also determine how their inheritance is given to them. Many people decide certain amounts to be given out at different times as the children age. It is also important to have a discussion with the person you wish to take custody of your children if something ever happens to them.

Don’t Forget About Your Pets

For some people, their pets are their family. So when considering what to include in your will, remember your pets. Name someone who can take care of them and discuss it with them ahead of time.

Think About End-of-Life Care

There are circumstances where you may not be cognizant of your surroundings but you will not be dead yet. Drawing up a will can help those around you decide how to take care of you because you have told them your wishes. If you do not want to be resuscitated then specify. If you do not want to be put into a nursing home, then specify. Doing so can help everyone involved.

Don’t Under Explain

Do not spare any details when you are creating your will. You will want to make sure that everything you want is explicitly stated so it is properly taken care of


Considering your death can bring a lot of different emotions with it, but it can benefit everyone involved if you get your will drawn up before it is too late.