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deleece cook A9sGR4Fo72k unsplash

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According to the NY Post, 62% of Americans would like to receive a present that is personal and heartfelt. When it comes to giving a gift for a milestone birthday like a 70th, it is a good idea to find something that is unique and special. A personalized piece of jewelry is a good idea because it is something that can be treasured, passed down, and worn with pride. You can get silver or gold engraved with a message, quote or meaning phrase. You could also have a piece of jewelry engraved with the date of the recipient’s birthday. You could also choose gemstones that have a deep meaning, or even their special birthstone.

Mood rings and pendants

A mood ring or pendant is a lovely idea for a 70th birthday, as the colors of the stone can change everyday. In fact the stones, produced by combining quartz and liquid crystals, were first made in the ‘70s, so there is a wonderful significance there. Depending on how you are feeling, the mood stones will change color from black through to reds, greens, amber and a beautiful turquoise. Blue means that the wearer is calm and relaxed; red can mean that they are feeling nervous. A purple or violet color means that the wearer is feeling love and warmth. The mood stones can be worn in a ring, but also set as a striking pendant that will make a real statement.

A family necklace

A family necklace is extremely personal and can make a wonderful gift for a 70th birthday. There are many different styles of necklace, and they can be completely personalized. Stacked circles made from silver or gold are popular, with each circle having engraved on it the names of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A pendant shaped like a tree with family names engraved on the branches is another great gift idea, and it can even be engraved at a later date with the names of new members of the family. Families are diverse and ever-changing, and to combine them all onto one pendant is a really special gift.

Birthstones and symbolic stones

For a 70th birthday, it is a lovely idea to gift a piece of jewelry that incorporates the wearer’s special birthstone. January is garnet; February is Amethyst; March is Aquamarine; April is Diamond; May is Emerald; June is Pearl, July is Ruby; August is Peridot; September is Sapphire; October is Opal; November is Topaz; and December is Turquoise. Another good idea is to gift a piece of jewelry that includes a stone which is symbolic of a 70th birthday or anniversary. For 70 years, the sapphire is a traditional gemstone for a gift.

Reaching the age of 70 is a real milestone in someone’s life; and it’s the perfect time to give them a special piece of jewelry. Choosing something personal and unique will bring great joy, and it is a gift that will always be treasured.