The only annoying part of traveling is packing. Most people don’t like packing and repacking their clothes and other things, but they love to travel. But to make packing an interesting part Rains backpack are best. Packing in old-style suitcases is boring because you cannot separate the items according to your needs but a backpack gives you all such freedom.

Here are some reasons why backpacks are a must for travelers?


Unlike traditional suitcases, backpacks are more portable and best for camping and trips. Especially when the traveler is not staying at one place, a long backpack is best. The problem with traditional suitcases is they are not comfortable to carry around. Even after adding wheels to it, people find it difficult to carry on trips and other camps.

A backpack just needs to be carried on your back and it also spreads the weight. Therefore, it does not feel difficult to travel with a backpack. Even in the train or car, it can very easily be handled as compared to old-style suitcases.

Compartments and storage 

Another best part of having a backpack is the availability of different compartments. Different items can easily be separated like shoes, clothes, bottles, etc. all can easily be kept without worrying about stains or spillage. This feature of compartments also helps in unpacking. When in the middle of the way if anything is needed there is no need to take out everything.

And the best part is all different types of items can be packed in the backpack. Like shoes, yoga mats, map holders, etc. such items can never fit in traditional suitcases. Also, a backpack has more storage space than a regular suitcase.

Style friendly

Backpacks are the new way of packing on the trip. When it’s time to enjoy and relax no one wants to worry about luggage and its handling. Carrying those heavy suitcases in hands or sliding them on the wheel all around. All such things spoil the enjoyment.

On the other hand, when the backpack is there, there is no need to worry about luggage. Everything is properly packed in its place and is on the back. Different types are available to complement the styles, leather backpacks, printed backpacks, canvas backpacks, and many more style options are available.

Best to keep expensive gadgets

Nowadays no trip is complete without a camera, which is surely not a cheap device to lose. Having a backpack ensures proper handling of all the equipment as well as their safety. The devices will always be handy to use and very easy to just repack them. This benefit of the backpack has made it a favorite of the young generation especially. 


The purpose of going on a trip vacation is to enjoy and not to worry about luggage and keep handling it. Backpacks are perfect for this; you get enough storage and compartmentalized packing. It helps in keeping all the things in such a way that anything can be easily picked out from the bag. Taking the stairs, catching the taxi, climbing a mountain, going for a business or professional trip, etc. be it any situation a backpack is suitable for everything.