Senior Entrepreneur

Retirement can be a shock for many seniors. Suddenly, they no longer have a job to focus on. There seems to be too much time.This is when seniors can put their heads together and come up with ideas for a business. Seniors make great entrepreneurs.

Their Story:

Take, for example, Charlotte Clary and Bev Vines-Haines, best friends for 30 years. In 2004, the two started a natural skin care line. Not liking the products that were available in stores and needing something that was natural and a good price, they started making new products in their garage. That was just the beginning.

By 2009, they had a new idea. Candy. At first, it was sold in the health care stores that carried their skin products. The product was immediately popular and soon started selling in other stores and from there it grew. Their product, Ice Chips, now sells out of a 21,500 square foot facility. It has 34 employees and this isn’t including their sales reps! Charlotte and Bev’s husbands now work for the company as well,making it a two family affair.

Charlotte states that their business really began to grow when they were able to focus completely on the business. Their children were grown and they had no other responsibilities, other than their spouses and their homes. They worked 24/7 to build the business and enjoy it immensely.

At the moment, no one is thinking of retirement, however, they do travel when they like, usually to visit family.They look after themselves by eating well and exercising. Charlotte and Bev look at themselves as two grannies who worked hard. They answer lots of mail from other women their age who wonder if it is too late to start a business. For the full article, click here.