5 Medical Check Ups to Embrace as You Hit 50
5 Medical Check Ups to Embrace as You Hit 50

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Franklin was correct as you need to prevent the possibility of ailments than you focus on the cure. Therefore, you need to embrace medical screenings, which are fundamental to your wellness. As you hit 50, you need to focus on annual medical checkups that are elementary to improving your health optimally.

Medical screening encompasses bloodwork and a physical examination showing your current health state. The doctor relies on the tests as well as the information you feed them. Therefore, you need to communicate appropriately with the doctor, which helps you air your health concerns and any subtle change experienced. Below are five things to make sure you get checked for after 50.


At age 50, there are shots or vaccinations that you need which helps prevent you from specific ailments. CDC recommends people of 50 years and above to get flu, tetanus vaccine, shingle vaccine, and Pneumococcal vaccine shots. The shots will help enhance your life’s quality while protecting you from hospitalizations or death.

Immunization is essential as it helps keep you healthy and free from vaccine-preventable diseases. In the absence of a vaccination, it’s possible to contract killer bacteria and viruses, which will either cut short your life or impair your life’s quality. At 50, many people consider taking trips globally, which exposes them to deadly bacteria and viruses. Therefore, consider getting the shots as per the CDC recommendations.

Hypertension Tests

High blood pressure isn’t a condition you can see with naked eyes. Even though there are people who can feel the disease, it’s common not to have any symptoms whatsoever. Statistics show that there are 78 million Americans with hypertension and 70 million with prehypertension. With aging comes the risk of hypertension. Therefore, you need to consider blood pressure screening tests that help your doctor offer a diagnosis and treatment. Undiagnosed hypertension puts your life at risk of stroke, chronic heart failure, and kidney and heart diseases.

Hypertension is a manageable condition, and the only way to remain healthy is through getting a screening.

Vision Checkup

As you approach 50, a vision checkup becomes paramount. The checkups help determine whether you need contact lenses or spectacles. The checkup also allows you to avoid unwanted eye conditions and problems. There is a misconception that with age, vision deteriorates. That’s untrue, and sharing the illusion can be dangerous. There is nothing normal with blurred vision. Check-up is essential, and it helps you understand the condition.

Diabetic patients should consider getting annual eye checkups. Diabetes is known to cause fluid leaks and bleeding in the retina, which motivates vision loss. The condition is preventable when detected early. Therefore, make an appointment with an eye hospital and get checked.

Dental Checkups

Aging subjects you to the extra responsibility of taking extra care of your gums and dental formula. Your teeth are subject to decays, diseases, loss, root decay, staining, and bad breath. With flawed dental formula, your confidence levels deteriorate, which isn’t healthy for your day-to-day living.

As you age, you need to maintain a happy life that eliminates unwanted ailments. Smiling is one of the elementary ways to escalate your happiness levels. Nonetheless, it’s impossible to smile comfortably with decayed, stained, or odor-producing teeth. A dental checkup will help you maintain proper dental health. For instance, you can have a snap on teeth by using veneers. The veneers will give you a shiny smile hence making you comfortable and confident.

Cancer Screening

Cancer is the epitome of killer diseases today, and with aging comes a high vulnerability to the ailment. Cancer screening tests play a vital role in detecting cancer in the absence of symptoms. The screening will, therefore, help identify pre-cancer and cancers before spreading. Some of the cancers tested during the screening are colon, rectal, lung, cervical, breast, endometrial, and prostate cancer.

You are the overall signatory of your life and quality of life. Therefore, how well you embrace health checkups determines how comfortable you will live. The checkups might give the feedback you didn’t expect, but they are worthwhile. Plus, those checkups may be all you need to counter some ailments in time. Checkups are vital for all, regardless of age or gender.