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Here at Seniors Lifestyle Magazine we like to say “Getting Older is Getting Better.” We believe that because with the right insight, information, inspiration and resources anyone can graciously accept the aging process. Maybe even love it!

However, many people view aging in different ways with varying degrees of positivity or negativity. Some people may be afraid of aging. Some try to avoid the thought it altogether. Many spend thousands of dollars to try and delay the aging process with cosmetic procedures. Others celebrate it and accept its inevitable.

So, how do you feel about aging? What comes to mind?

How we view the aging process may tell something about how we see ourselves and other people. The way we view aging can be similar to how we view relationships with people. Both can be viewed in a number of ways.

What relationship similarities might our aging process attitude be similar to?

1. Viewing aging as an adversary comes from a place of angst or unease. When viewed this way one sees the eventual decline as a threat and ignoring that it’s a natural process.

2. Seeing aging as a stranger. This can mean being in denial over the fact of aging. This too is based on fear and is confronted in a fight or flight response.

3. Some see aging like they would a tolerable acquaintance. Many view aging as bearable but like to keep the thought of it at arms length. They find no advantages or value in it as can’t see it positively only enduring it in their older years.

4. Viewing aging as an ally. The ones who view aging this way see it as a nurturing relationship they grow with in time. They find it meaningful and look forward to getting older. It is a welcome relationship.

Throughout our lives our views about aging can change and shift. We may see it one way for a period of time and then feel totally different about it later.

Remember, when we were children, age was a non-issue. We bragged about our age and in fact in some cases try to be older than we really are. Wishing days and weeks away waiting to turn of age to drive, to drink, to leave home etc. We anticipated life and were excited for its milestones. Then along the way many of our views on this change and we no longer feel like we once did.

Every day is a gift and the years that pass should be looked on with admiration and happiness. With age comes wisdom and experience from a lifetime of learning and growth. Probably better to view getting older like when you were a child. Makes things more exciting!

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