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Many seniors are now staying active and healthy well into their golden years and one of their favorite ways to pass the time is in outdoor activities. ATV riding is a fun and interesting way for seniors to stay active, explore the outdoors and spend time with friends. ATV safety for seniors is a concern as ATV riding can be hard on your body. Following safety rules can make this an enjoyable sport for seniors.

Just as with any outdoor sport, there are safety rules for seniors that you should follow:

• Make sure a relative or friend knows where you will be and stick to that route. Many ATV trails are far off the beaten path so also give a time when you will return.
• Bring safety supplies just in case your ATV breaks down. These would include a wind up flashlight/radio, waterproof matches, water and food. If possible also bring a light tent and safety blanket.
• Take your cellphone. Bringing your phone is a good idea but don’t forget there are many areas where you may not have cell reception.

As with other vehicles, there are rules for ATV riding:

• An ATV is a motorized vehicle and must be insured so bring your insurance papers.
• Never allow a passenger on your ATV unless is it specifically built for more than one person.
• A helmet must be worn at all times.
• Stick to designated trails unless you have permission from a property owner to ride on their property.
• A valid permit and a displayed plate are necessary to operate an ATV.

Enjoy your time on the trails and keep safe! For more information on ATV safety insights from Durham Regional Police Services, click here.