bigstock Lose weight text with measure 25562543 scaled
bigstock Lose weight text with measure 25562543 scaled

Don’t jump to the conclusion that you will automatically gain weight as you age. Yes, it’s true that most of us start to put on the pounds after a certain age but we don’t have to get fatter as well as older! Most weight gain can be attributed to a less active lifestyle. If you are less active but still eat the same amount, then of course you will gain weight. The thing you have to manage is how much you eat and how active you are.

Start Moving







Yes, climbing the stairs counts. So does walking that extra block. You’ve seen that person who drives one block to the corner store? Don’t let that be you. Housework is movement and so is carrying your grandchild. If you are walking, climbing, dancing, carrying, anything that moves your body, it will help to keep off the pounds.

Eat Smaller Meals

It sounds depressing but it doesn’t have to be. Tricking yourself by using a smaller plate can help. If that isn’t your style then go for the percentages. Most of your plate should be filled with vegetables. A variety can make your meal more interesting. Learn how to cook. Most people who cook learn quite quickly that eating too much of what they make isn’t the best thing for them. Cooking your own meals can also ensure that what you are putting in your body is healthy. Start with soups. They can be filling, nutritious and come in a wide variety.

It isn’t necessary to start exercise classes as you age. Even small bits of movement throughout the day are good for you. Walk a few blocks, do some gardening for 10 minutes, stretch your body until you feel more relaxed. Skip the gym expenses and concentrate more on yourself and how you feel. All of us know when muscles feel tight, when our energy feels low, when we just don’t feel like we once did. Get up and move a bit. Your body will thank you.