SLM Immune System scaled
SLM Immune System scaled

It is this time of year when the weather is up and down that many people catch colds and viruses. Many seniors may not feel well, with the lack of sunlight and the difficulty in getting outside as much. It is also difficult to maintain a healthy immune system anytime of year and any time in our lives but even harder when we get exposed to people over the holidays that have colds and viruses. Senior wellness is at risk.

So how can you naturally improve your immune system?

Nothing new to what we have already been suggesting with 20 pages of previous articles on senior wellness, health & well-being!

Get outside and enjoy some sun – as soon as you see a warmer day coming plan to get outside if only for a walk. The benefits of the fresh air and vitamin D are endless.

If there don’t seem like many nice days, bundle up and get out anyways. You will feel better in the long run.

You know that eating your veggies and fruit are important again for many reasons beyond improving your immune system. Healthy eating in general is a must for seniors and everyone.

Exercise even in the winter months is so important as is getting enough sleep. Did you know that if you exercise regularly you can improve your overall sleep patterns? True story.

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