We often talk about senior health and well-being. The topic of senior health covers many aspects of senior living. As we age, so does our sight along with the rest of our bodies.  Certain ailments can creep up like glaucoma so it is important that we take care of our eyes just the rest of us! Some say “the eyes are the door to the soul!” January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month so we wanted to share some good insight into your sight!

Glaucoma affects millions of people around the world and certain lifestyle choices can help minimize your risk or even prevent glaucoma. While glaucoma can occur at any age, it is certainly more common with seniors.

It is important to know about these lifestyle choices including what to eat and also make sure you have your eyes checked regularly. Testing for glaucoma is fairly easy and painless. Early diagnosis for any vision issue is important.

So assess your risk factors.

Is there family history?

Is your nutrition level where it should be?

Are you experiencing any symptoms?

Are you aware of the symptoms?

Has your eyesight changed as you age?

Check out the original article with details on symptoms and prevention here


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