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World Blood Donor Day is on June 14th. Every year countries around the globe celebrate this day. Events are held to inform others of the need for safe blood and blood products. It’s also to thank those who have saved a life by giving blood and to encourage others to donate blood in their community. Campaigns will be focused on blood donation in emergencies. The slogan for the campaign is “What can you do? Give blood, give now and give often.”

Blood Safety and Availability

  • Almost 113 million blood donations are given annually. Half of these are from the high income countries who account for 19% of the world’s population.
  • In the lower income countries 65% of blood transfusions are given to children under 5 whereas in the higher income countries 76% of blood transfusions are for those over 65.
  • 28% of blood donations are given by women.
  • WHO (World Health Organization) advises that all blood should be screened for infections. Screening should be mandatory for hepatitis B and C, HIV and syphilis.
  • 16 countries are not able to screen all of their donated blood for one or more of the above infections.

Safe blood can save lives and improve someone’s health. Blood transfusions are needed for cancer patients and complicated surgeries. Children with severe anemia also need blood due to malnutrition. During disasters, people with severe trauma need blood transfusions and transfusions are also needed for women who have complications in pregnancy.

If you are interested in donating blood, here are some simple facts about blood donation:

  • The amount of blood collected at one time is 450 ml.
  • You can donate blood every 4 months.
  • Before giving blood, eat a normal meal and drink lots of fluids.

For more information on World Blood Donor Day and to find out how you can donate blood this year, click here.