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Now that the baby boomers are reaching retirement, with lots still to follow, many are finding out that the retirement years can be the best part of their lives. Forget the myth of spending all day in front of the tv, drinking cups of tea and doing crossword puzzles. Yes, those things can be enjoyable but there is so much more to retiring these days.

What do some retirees have to say about the joys of retiring?

  • Many have started their own businesses. They love being in charge and not having to take orders from someone else. Most of their businesses are based in their homes with online invoicing, websites and stores.
  • A new schedule. Many retirees have trouble at first, adjusting to a life without a set schedule. Others realize that they can now make their own schedule or no schedule at all. Their time is their own and it brings a huge sense of freedom.
  • The internet has changed everything. We can now work from home, take courses online, keep in touch with loved ones and meet new people, all from the comfort of our living rooms. Entertainment such as movies and music, shopping at stores hundreds of miles away – these weren’t available when our parents retired.
  • Leisure time galore. For those of us who are used to working 40 hour weeks while still caring part-time for grown adult children or parents, finally having leisure time is wonderful. But it wasn’t so long ago that there was no such thing as retirement as we know it. In 1935, though retirement age was 65, many didn’t live long enough to enjoy it. Due to healthcare breakthroughs we now, on average, live 30 years longer than we did at that time.

Don’t take your retirement for granted. Make some plans before you retire and if you are already retired, be grateful for the opportunities available for seniors today. To read more about modern retirement, click here.