healthy aging

Whatever our age, we all want to age well and healthy aging starts with maintaining a healthy body and mind. Managing your health so you age your best relies on a number of factors.

Your Physical Health

  • Keep hydrated. Drink water throughout the day.
  • Concentrate your diet on fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains. Meats should be lean, poultry and fish are healthy for you. Dairy should be low fat.
  • Avoid junk food or anything containing too much sugar or fat.
  • See your doctor regularly for annual check ups and shots. Look after your teeth and see your dentist twice a year.
  • If you are managing a chronic condition, staying in good healthy is twice as important, particularly if you take medication.
  • Walking can be your exercise of choice. It improves your mood, gives you energy and strengthens your whole body. It can help to improve balance and flexibility.
  • Other low impact exercises are yoga, gardening and any housework that you do daily.

Your Emotional Health

  • Anything that stimulates your mind improves cognition. Examples are reading, crossword puzzles, learning new skills. Try an online course!
  • If you are a people person, stay social. Even those who don’t like to be around people a lot still enjoy their time with family. Owning and looking after a pet also improves your mental health because you are focusing on something besides yourself.
  • Relationships of all types reduce stress which means less anxiety and depression.

Healthy aging at any age involves a combination of physical and emotional care. Following the tips above can help you to age your best.

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