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You may not want to think about the words sex and grandma or grandpa in the same sentence but seniors are beginning to choose sex over the traditional hobbies of golf and knitting. When you have a retirement community full of seniors who are about the same age, they will mingle and the inevitable occurs. The only problem is an increasing number of STDs among seniors since most older adults are not using condoms. But besides their encounters with each other, senior women are discovering that sex toys can make a huge difference in their sex lives. Sex toys can be helpful in accommodating the changes that happen with age.

Did You Know:

  • Masturbating is good for your health. With or without sex toys, keeping your sexual parts in use can help your health. It can guard against prostate cancer in men and help women to stay supple.
  • Take the pressure off. You don’t necessarily need intercourse to be satisfied though most couples feel it’s the most important. This puts pressure on the man to maintain an erection at a stage in his life when it could be difficult. Many couples purchase a dildo to help ease anxiety on both sides.
  • Vibrators can be useful. Since most couple need more stimulation as they age, a vibrator can be used. These are especially helpful for those with arthritic hands. If the vibration is too much, a realistic custom dildo is a solid alternative.







Sex toys often open up a whole new world to many couples. They may experiment with new ways of achieving sexual satisfaction. Seniors also find that just purchasing sex toys can open up a discussion on what both of them need to enjoy a satisfying sexual relationship. More and more websites are catering to seniors who are interested in purchasing sex toys. To read more on how sex toys can help seniors, click here.