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Growing older has always been thought of as a bad thing. After all, who wants to get wrinkles and have gray hair? Who wants to find themselves in pain more often than not and be looked upon as someone who is no longer useful? Surprisingly, this is not the way most older adults think of themselves as they age. They’re finding they are more content and happier than they’ve ever been. What are their secrets?

How can you be happier as you age?

  • Stay positive. A good attitude towards aging goes a long way. No one is getting any younger and getting older doesn’t mean you can’t do the things you’ve always loved to do. Even for those with chronic illnesses, modifying their lifestyles slightly can make a big difference. Maybe you can’t jog anymore but you can still go for walks. Paying more attention to others can keep your mind off yourself and leave you feeling grateful that you feel as good as you do.
  • Find hobbies. What one person calls passions another calls hobbies and now that you’re older you most likely have more time to do the things you love to do. Stock up on books if you love reading. Surround yourself with music if that’s what you want. For those with failing eyesight there are audio books. We now have more options than ever. Take advantage of what’s available.
  • Learn to like who you are. For many older adults there is a freedom associated with growing older. Less responsibility, more time to be the person they want to be. Let go of the past and spend every moment that you can concentrating on the present. Stay physically and mentally active. It will help you to age better and keep you happy at the same time.







As you age the small things become more important. For many seniors, material things lose their appeal and they concentrate on relationships and enjoyment of life. To read more about the secrets to happiness as you age, click here.