Positive Body Image
Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

There are many things that we can become consumed with as we age and grow into our elder years, and many of our thoughts turn to our health and how our bodies are different now than when we were young. Wrinkles, clouded vision, weight gain, and exhaustion can all make us feel like we lost what we had in our youth. However, you can get past these negative feelings toward aging with some smart planning and adjusting how you think about your body. 

Let’s talk a bit about why it is so important to have a positive body image as we age and what you can start doing about it today.

Why You Need To Stay Positive

It is always important to be positive, especially in our retirement. It is during these years that you may have more time on your hands and have a different viewpoint of life than you did when you were younger. By staying positive, you can get out of bed every day with a spring in your step, and when you are more excited about life, then you are more likely to exercise and feel better mentally and physically.

Along with staying in shape, you also need to have a positive body image as you age — or at least try to feel good about how you look. Studies have shown that when we have a negative body image, then it can start to affect our mood and self-esteem. Typically, body issues can start to develop when we hit our fifties, as that is when we start to see those wrinkles, hair loss, and the general weakening of our physical conditions. 

While everyone should keep an eye on their mental health, it is especially important as we grow older. It is only natural for our mental capacities to diminish as we age, but in addition to hampering the time that you spend with family and grandkids, when you are mentally unfit, then it can also affect your personal health. For example, depression has been tied to serious conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Keep a positive body image, and you’ll feel better overall and potentially prevent those physical ailments. 

Be Proactive To Stay Healthy

One way that you can remain body positive as you age is to know what conditions and ailments may be coming and start taking measures to limit the effects. For instance, many older people experience arthritis that can make it hard to do the basic tasks that we did when we were younger. That alone can make us become negative about our bodies. So, take some time now to start preparing for arthritis or calming your current symptoms so they don’t get worse. You can avoid arthritis as much as possible by stretching and controlling your blood sugar. Further, many CBD solutions for aging bodies can help to ease the pain you have now.

As you age, your skin begins to become less elastic, and you may find that you bruise easier than you did in the past. Since the skin is what you see the most, take care of it by using sunscreen whenever you are outdoors and avoiding smoking, which is a major factor for wrinkled skin. 

Many seniors are unhappy with the appearance of these spider veins, and it may be what keeps them indoors and afraid to love their bodies. Understanding the risk factors for varicose veins may help you feel better. They are a common issue that many women and men face, with around 75% of women from 60 to 70 years old dealing with spider veins. The appearance of varicose veins is troubling, but they are natural. They can occur due to many years of prolonged sitting, wearing tight clothing, and being exposed to excessive sun exposure. Take care of your outer shell to reduce your risk, but understanding that you are not alone can help you maintain a positive body image.

Improve Your Self-esteem

Another way to feel better about your body is to improve your overall self-esteem because when you feel good, you can come to terms with how you look, and you can be in a good mood all day. One way to improve your self-esteem is to make strong bonds with your friends and family. When you are with people that you know, love, and who respect you just the way you are, then you won’t worry so much about how you look.

You can also become more physically fit and have more energy by working out every day. You don’t have to hit the gym, but try to get outside to take walks around the block, ride your bike, or practice some yoga at the park. You’ll be amazed at what 20 minutes of activity every day will do for your body and your mind.

Finally, always make it a habit to practice good physical hygiene. Wake up at a decent time every morning, jump in the shower, wear the clothes that you love, and apply your favorite cologne or perfume. By taking care of your general needs, you will feel better. You can also practice hygiene in your home by cleaning up all clutter and staying organized. A clean living space creates a clean mind. 

As you can see, there are ways that you can feel better and retain a positive body image as you age. Consider these tips, and you will feel great every day.