Aging in Place Toileting
WALLINGFORD, CT (11/10/22)—The Laveo™ by Dry Flush portable waterless toilet equipped with the new Comfort Lift Package is an innovative and practical way to provide family members and patients who are receiving convalescent care with high-dignity bedside toileting. The odorless, chemical-free, no-freeze, low-maintenance and compact toilet measures 16”W x 20”D x 18”H and weighs just 29 lbs.

For comfort, the seat and height are standard toilet sizes, meeting ADA standards. When done, users simply push the flush button as they would with a traditional toilet. Instead of requiring water, extensive plumbing or expensive chemicals, the dispenser automatically creates a brand new,
hygienic bowl.

Each barrier bag cartridge can handle an average of 15 flushes, or 25 uses with optional Pee Powder. Once full, a cartridge may be easily removed in a sanitary way and discarded in a trash container. There is no dirty water to dump or chemicals to pour. Installing a new cartridge takes less than one minute. The Laveo runs on household power or a self-contained battery. The “go anywhere” Laveo toilet may be easily removed, used and re-installed in a bedroom or elsewhere as needed.

Founded in 2012, Dry Flush has rapidly become a leader in high-quality, U.S.-made portable electric toilets. Thousands of Laveo toilets are in use around the world. For more information and to buy online, please call 203.248.4440, email or visit