Happy Veterans Day scaled

As we approach November 11th, it is time to recognize what Veteran’s Day in the US is all about. It is different then Memorial Day. Veteran’s Day is a day to find the time to honor and thank anyone who has served OR is currently serving in the military. Many Americans have loved ones serving and haven’t seen them for quite some time. So I think they should be thought of, too. It is not easy having a loved one away from us especially knowing they may be surrounded by danger and are risking their lives.

How can we honor Veteran’s Day? 
  • Thinking about them (as I am sure most of you do anyways)
  • Displaying the American flag in various places (again many Americans already do this everyday)
  • Reaching out to someone who has served and thanking them
  • Writing down your thoughts in a journal or put them into a letter for someone who is away from home
  • Attending local celebrations honoring veterans
  • Going to a VA hospital
  • For some more ideas on how to celebrate and honor, click here
Teaching others about Veteran’s Day

One thing that comes with age is wisdom and knowledge. So share your knowledge of war, the history behind this day, why we honor it and who we honor. Especially the younger generations. Often grandparents are big influencers on their grandchildren. You can click here to get all sorts of information about Veteran’s Day including the history, a teacher’s guide and more.

If you have a story to share, please share it. We love hearing them!

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