As we age we sometimes no longer feel as we once did. Many struggle with age-related discomforts and ailments that can come with being older.  Pain, stiffness, arthritis, and injuries can take their toll. They can even diminish a senior’s quality of life. Reiki benefits for seniors is remarkable.

We’d like to tell you of a little bit about Reiki and how its use can help alleviate the discomfort of age-related symptoms. Reiki can help take the edge off aging!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese therapeutic technique where the therapist can channel energy into the patients body by touch and non touch.  It’s used to stimulate the natural healing abilities of one’s body to improve physical and mental well-being.

There have been millions of people who have reaped the benefits of this. They found it has really helped them. Although many have not heard of this before it has recently become more popular as a complementary therapy. It can work synergistically with other medical treatments one may undergo.

For example, Reiki can help cancer patients relax after uncomfortable chemotherapy treatments. It can be used after surgery as well to help relax after the procedure.

How can Reiki benefit seniors?

Reiki can provide a sense of calm and peace into a senior’s world. Anyone’s really. It is known to ease tense and sore muscles. It also improves circulation. It can calm the nervous system. This is especially beneficial to seniors. This can help with mobility and moving around. It can help range of motion and coordination to minimize the risk of falling. It may increased healing times, ease breathing, increase energy and alertness.  Those who practice Reiki have sounder sleep as well. So many senior benefits.

With the pain-relieving effects Reiki offers, another benefit could be a reduction in pain medications that are needed.

What other Reiki benefits are there for seniors?

Dementia patients have been shown to benefit from the touch aspect of Reiki. Often where more conventional approaches may not have helped. It curtails the stress, anxiety, and depression that may come along with the illness.

It is also suggested that an increasing number of seniors have responded quickly to Reiki treatments. They have come to enjoy it. Many say they can feel immediate benefits following a session. Others say it takes several days feel any of the effects. A few seniors said they didn’t notice any benefits. However, their caregivers observed positive gains in mood and physical appearance. That is great! Even if you don’t notice immediate benefits but the ones around you do, that says a lot.

Caregivers, Reiki could also help you deal with the physical stress of caregiving. It may provide you some relief from physical symptoms that have cropped up due to your own stress level. Maybe practice with your senior and give both of you some well deserved relief!

If you feel that this might interest you we encourage you to look in your area for a Reiki practitioner. There are some great how-to videos on YouTube that give instruction on how to administer some Reiki techniques on yourself. Why not give it a try? See this one video from Tru-Life

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