jobs after retirement scaled
jobs after retirement scaled

Statistic Canada had released census data in 2017, the revealed that there are more elderly people living across Canada today. It’s actual fact, that the senior population in Canada made up 16.9% of the country’s overall population when the data was gathered in 2016, which the percentage was larger the number of children aged 14 and under. Furthermore, projections by Statistics Canada predict that almost one in four Canadians will be over 65 by the time we reach 2031.

You may be one of many Canadian seniors who are just about to approach retirement or are already retired and feeling like you prefer the benefits of a working life. Don’t worry, we’ve teamed up with stair lift manufacturer Acorn Stairlifts to advise you on the suitable jobs available to you after retirement.

Working in the education sector

Within the world of education, there are plenty of opportunities for you after a retirement. You may have already been a teacher, or currently a teacher that’s hitting that time in your life where you want to release some of the pressure that the job brings to you. Instead of giving up the job completely it may be best suited to you to become an assistant or work in other areas of the business.

Of course, you may be completely new to sector and are looking for something a bit different after retirement. There are a variety of different services within the education sector that prove useful to all types of schools, from preschool to elementary establishments and private schools, which all are regularly hiring people to be:

  • Teacher’s assistance – As mentioned, you may be or have been a full-time teacher who enjoys working around children but looking to simmer down from the responsibilities but stay within a similar role. Becoming a teacher assistant may to be a role to consider, as you it will give you the opportunity of working part-time and you can enjoy the benefit of working with children, giving individual support and pass your knowledge down to them. The role is also suitable for those outside the sector. The role is also suitable for those outside the sector, who enjoy working with kids, giving guidance and knowledge.
  • Liberian – A quieter role within the sector would be a Liberian, the role can see you organising, managing and distributing the library resources, and ensuring that users are receiving the provision that meets their needs.
  • Cafeteria Worker – A more hands on role that contributes to children’s educations. You will be working alongside teachers, coaches, librarians and other staff members to help children the most out of their education, by offering planned menu that meet a nutritional standard that the children need.
  • Administration – Working within an office environment, the role of administrator is basically gate keeper to the whole school community, that requires good social, organization and the ability working in a busy environment. You can help out with any enquiries from students, parents and teachers.

Continuing down the education path, you could also think about the role of an adjunct professor at a college or university. This role will see you teaching students about your area of expertise. There are online programs available by many higher education establishments now too, which eases the pressure a little by allowing you to teach from the comfort of your own home. Of course, it may not children you desire you work with, as there are also possibilities and teach an ongoing education class at a senior center, a local community college or via an adult education program.

Working as a sports coach

Staying on the subject of passing on your wisdom, why not share you love for a particular sport by becoming a sports coach to a budding group of athletes?

Not only does this job give you extra cash, but coaching brings great perks to senior citizens, as the job keeps you active and provides an opportunity to work outdoors.

Working as a consultant

Coming away from the education sector, if you’re retired buy have an advanced degree or have gained specialized experience within your field during your career, then you’re in a perfect position to take up a career in consulting.

In an ideal world, if you loved your career before you retired, then being in this role allows you to make the use of your knowledge and years of experience. ongoing education class at a senior center, a local community college or via an adult education program.

Working as a customer service representative

If you able to use a computer and are good at communicating over the phone or chat software, when working as customer service representative may just be right for you, during your elderly years.

The job involves you answering questions relating to billing, taking reservations for a company or troubleshooting an issue. What’s more, you’ll spend the majority of your time in the role sitting down — perfect if you have low mobility. Don’t be surprised if you have the chance to work from home in this role either, making the job even more accessible.

Whatever job you desire, just remember that working after you’ve retired opens the doors to working on your own terms. On top of this, a lot of companies will appreciate the unmatched experience that older workers boast.