Sex  scaled
Sex scaled

We don’t talk about it, especially with our friends and family, but the issue of sexual ability worries us more as we become seniors. Will we still be interested in having a sexual relationship as a senior and will we be physically capable?

Do seniors still engage in sexual activity?

Studies are finding that a large percentage of seniors not only are still interested in sex but engage actively in sex well into their eighties. It may be a bit different than when they were younger due to physical changes or complications. But there are different solutions to help both men and women improve their sex drives. And solutions to help with anything that may be hindering you. Talk to your doctor.

Senior sex is definitely happening!

And why not? Finally, you have the freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to and the house is hopefully empty more often then not. So take advantage of it!

As you age, you should talk about your sexual relationship with your partner. Discuss how you feel about the changes in your body, what satisfies you and what you would like to change. The level of intimacy between senior partners deepens as a result. Older adults are healthier now than they have ever been in history. Expect fulfilling sexual relationships to last long past the age their grandparents did.

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